Interactive & Corrosion Problem Oriented Training & Refresher Course on Corrosion Management in Industries

13-14 September2023 | Hotel Crowne Plaza, New Delhi, India

Training Objective

A refresher course on corrosion management is designed to help engineers and technicians who are involved in the maintenance of industrial and commercial chemical processing equipment, such as pipelines, tanks, and other vessels, to review the latest industry best practices for corrosion management. This course provides an overview of the basics of corrosion science and engineering, as well as the fundamentals of corrosion management and inspection programs. The course also reviews the types of corrosion, the evaluation of corrosion damage, and the approaches available to mitigate it. Additionally, students will learn about the techniques used to detect and monitor corrosion, as well as the methods used to prevent and repair corrosion damage.

Training Agenda

  • Corrosion Basics And Corrosion Manifestation
  • Corrosion Control In Engineering Design
  • Metallurgical Aspects Of Corrosion
  • Paint & Coating: First Line Of Defense To Atmospheric Corrosion
  • Prevention Of Corrosion Of Steel Reinforcement In Concrete Structures
  • Corrosion Inspection
  • Cathodic Protection
  • An Overview On Corrosion & Its Significance In Industries
  • Case studies on threats, risk assessment and corrosion managemen
  • Inspection technique for non piggable pipelines
Registration Charges – INR: 25,000.00